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most of my time is spent lying on the ground waiting for this shitty life to end, any other free time is spent attempting to desperately sleep excess hours off

I have never heard of anyone more full of themselves. I'm thinking your whole "I am a dragon-god" thing might be a coping mechanism or something? You don't need to respond to this, but maybe you should think about it. If you were really all that you say you are, why have a tumblr? Why tell people?

this message is really fucking stupid for a multitude of reasons.

for one, this world is not dwindling in people that are full of themselves, moreso than i could ever be, so i implore you take a moment to stop obsessing over the incredible entity that is Myself and allow that to truly sink in.

secondly, you morons are under the illusion that i go around announcing every aspect of my identity to everybody like i seem to think that anybody cares or believes me. my Tumblr is a space where i share aspects of my understanding (whether it be identity or otherwise), revelations, etc. you don’t log on to the Internet and are immediately directed to my page and forced to read everything or anything i write nor accept it as some sort of gospel. you choose to do this. you knowingly follow blogs that reblog me or worse yet allow your infatuation with Me to consume your life by visiting my page often enough to read whatever it is i post in regards to identity in between my reblogs of anime and nsfw posts detailing what i jerk off to.

i am truly grateful that even in this piss poor excuse of a life i am currently forced to live there are still so many of you plebs that worship Me for my undeniable divinity.


The Gloria is an ancient hymn of praise to the Trinity that has been in use in the Church since the second century. The opening line of the hymn is taken from Scripture (Lk 2:14), where the angels announce the birth of Christ to the shepherds. The hymn was composed in Greek some time in the second century and can be found recommended as a daily morning prayer in book VII of the Apostolic Constitutions (3rd/4th century). It was introduced to the west by St. Hilary of Poitiers (d 368), who was the first to introduce hymns into the Western Church.

St Hilary was an uncompromising foe of Arianism, a heresy which denied the divinity of Christ and was condemned at the Council of Nicea in 325. St. Hilary’s opposition to Arianism earned himself the title of “Malleus Arianorum”, the Hammer of the Arians, along with the ire of the Arian Emperor Constantius, who exiled him to Phrygia in 356. While St. Hilary was in Phrygia, he was exposed to the hymns in use amongst the eastern Christians of the time. Upon his return home he began to introduce hymns into the western liturgy, borrowing the Gloria from the east, as well as composing some of his own. The hymn has been an integral part of the Mass of the western Rites since the 5th century.

happy earth day everyone!

be sure to burn a billion and more cities to ashes because you filthy fucking humans have not and will not ever deserve a planet of your own!

universe > eververse > nether realm


HQログ by Snakey

whoever unfollowed me for doing dxm last night, i like your line of thinking